Mini Tummy Tuck or Umbilical Transposition Tuck

While a tummy tuck is a well-known procedure, not everyone needs the traditional tummy tuck. If you’re only struggling with loose skin and fat in the area between your belly button and your pubic area, a mini tummy tuck or an umbilical transposition tuck is likely the perfect solution for you.

About Mini Tummy Tuck or Umbilical Transposition Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is an outpatient cosmetic procedure used to remove excess skin and fat between the belly button and the pubic area. Unlike a tummy tuck that focuses on the upper and lower abdomen, the mini tummy tuck targets just the “pooch” area of the stomach.  This is combined with liposuction as well.  The umbilical transposition is an extension of the mini tummy tuck.  It usually entails removing some more skin as well as repositioning the umbilical stalk similar to what is done in a full tummy tuck.  The procedures usually have a faster recovery than a full tummy tuck without the pain that is associated with a full tummy tuck.


A mini tummy tuck or umbilical transposition tuck provides a variety of benefits. They not only reduce excess skin and fat. Some benefits also include:

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for a mini tummy tuck or an umbilical transposition tuck meet the following qualifications:

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In the days before your mini tummy tuck or umbilical transposition tuck, you’ll need to stop smoking if you’re a smoker, limit your alcohol intake, and stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and any blood thinners. Your surgeon will let you know during your consultation anything they require during the weeks and days before your surgery.

A mini tummy tuck or umbilical transposition tuck is a relatively simple procedure. It will begin with the administration of local anesthesia. From there, our board-certified plastic surgeon will first perform liposuction of the area. Then, excess fat and excess skin are removed, and the remaining skin is tightened to give you the slimmer, toned lower abdomen you’re looking for.  If there is loose skin around the umbilicus, then an umbilical transposition tuck can be performed.

Once everything is done, we’ll close the incision and bandage it.

The recovery period for a mini tummy tuck or umbilical transposition tuck is minimal when compared to a traditional tummy tuck. You will wear a compression garment to help support the area as you heal. You’ll want to wear it for at least three to six weeks until the swelling subsides. You can return to your normal activities in a few days after surgery, but you’ll want to avoid strenuous activity for at least 4 weeks.

As for results, you’ll be able to see some changes immediately, but swelling, bruising, and redness will hide most of the results. It can take several months or more before you see the final results. But once the final results show up, they are permanent unless you gain weight or become pregnant.

The scar will be noticeable initially, but you will be able to hide it under your clothes. It will fade and in most instances become almost invisible within a year.

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