When is it the right time to have liposuction?

For each individual the answer might be different.  Some wait after being frustrated with dieting and exercising and not seeing the troublesome areas shrinking in anyway.  While others act quickly when they are young to achieve the kind of figure that they always desired, but felt that they could not achieve on their own. Still, there are many who see changes with age and want to have the “old body” that they had when they were younger. 

I say it’s a personal choice.  If an individual is not happy with the way their body looks, then liposuction might be an option.  Liposuction can reduce stubborn fatty deposits, that are resistant to diet and exercise.  Liposuction can be used as a ‘jump start” for medium or even high BMI patients to reduce overall fat volume and get motivated to work further to improve their physique. 

The good thing about liposuction, is that it can be performed under local for those patients that are fearful of general anesthesia and do not want to be put to sleep during the procedure nor worry about the effects of general anesthesia and the recovery from it.

Liposuction, is also a plastic surgical procedure that usually has the least amount of post procedure discomfort as compared to other surgical procedures, and often the quickest recovery, which makes it a great procedure to have done almost any time of the year.  Commonly, you can often go back to desk work within a few days after the procedure.  Many patients can even go back to the gym within 1-2 weeks!

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